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Citizens' Consultations on Europe in a nutshell

  • Why? Collect the impressions and suggestions of citizens on Europe.

  • Who? The entire population, regardless of age, gender, occupation or geographical origin, is invited to participate.

  • How? Through debates and online consultations at European level.

  • When? Citizens’ consultations from April to July, online consultations from May 21st on.

  • Where? Throughout Luxembourg and all other participating EU Member State.

  • Which result? A report of the debates and contributions to the European Council of December 2018 

Identify the hopes and expectations of Europeans

Luxembourg is participating in the citizens' consultations on Europe, an exercise launched within the European Union at the initiative of France. 

The purpose of these consultations is to involve a large number of citizens in order to identify their concerns, hopes and expectations towards the European Union. This includes defining areas in which Europeans want more Europe or discussing subjects where they find that the Union does not intervene appropriately. These consultations should be "a way to ask people about the European project they want and a tool to better involve them".

The aim of these citizens' consultations is to mobilize a significant number of European citizens before the European elections of 2019.

Feed the reflections of Heads of State and Government

The ideas that emerge from the citizens' consultations will feed the reflections of the Heads of State and Government of the European Union and allow them to identify priorities for action for the next 5 to 10 years.

The participating governments will discuss the proposals that will be made during the consultations, as well as the priorities that will emerge from them, in particular within the framework of the European Union's "Leaders' Agenda". Hence, the discussions between the governments on the future of the Union will be enriched by the views expressed by the European citizens.

The work will be the subject of national and European reports in autumn 2018, the main lines of which will be made public.

The European Commission has launched an online consultation on the Future of Europe

And in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, a series of events will be organized between April 20th and July 2nd, 2018.

They will meet the requirements of transparency, political pluralism, fairness, and openness to all citizens.

The outcomes of these events, covering topics as varied as European values, social Europe, or the single market, will be assembled in a report. The discussions and results will thus be taken into account in the summary that will be presented to the Heads of States and Government. 



Do you want to participate by organizing a debate? 

Citizens' consultations aim not only to collect citizens’ impressions of the European Union, but also their suggestions for the European Union.

For citizens’ voices to be heard, the initiative needs to come from them!

This is why any institution, association, organization, school, or trade union can propose to organize a debate within the framework of the citizens' consultations on Europe.

Are you interested in Europe? Do you wish to organize a debate in the framework of the citizens’ consultations?


It is possible! Your proposals are more than welcome!


How to proceed?

The submitted projects will be reviewed by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. The organizers will commit to a transparent and pluralistic approach and to publish a report of the debates.

The idea of a citizens’ consultation is to give a large place to the expression of the citizens. It therefore has to be open to all and all opinions must have a chance to be heard. 

For the organizers, obtaining the "citizens’ consultation" label will make it possible to use the logo and benefit from the visibility of the project. It is also the opportunity to make the voices of the citizens heard, as the minutes of the debates will serve as a basis for a note that will be transmitted to the Heads of State and Government ahead of the European Council in December 2018.

The events will cover topics such as:

  • European values

  • Democratic legitimacy and subsidiarity

  • Social Europe

  • Single market

  • Euro and economic convergence

  • Asylum and Migration

  • Sustainable development: Energy transition

  • Sustainable development: Agriculture and food security

  • Development cooperation

  • Area of ​​security and justice

  • Youth and Mobility

A minimum of 12 participants is required.

The debates must take place between April 20th and July 2nd, 2018.

To submit a project, contact us :



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